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Citronic Aluminium CD Case

Citronic Aluminium CD Case

Citronic Aluminium CD Case

Are you tired of your CDs getting scratched or damaged during transportation? Look no further than the Citronic Aluminium CD Case. This sleek and durable case is designed to keep your CDs safe and secure, whether you’re on the go or storing them at home.

Key Features

Sturdy Construction

The Citronic Aluminium CD Case is built to last. With its strong chrome corners, handle, and hinges, this case can withstand the rigors of travel and everyday use. Say goodbye to flimsy and easily breakable CD cases.

Internal Padding and Separators

Inside the case, you’ll find soft internal padding that provides an extra layer of protection for your CDs. The case also features separators, allowing you to organize your CDs and prevent them from rubbing against each other.

Detachable Lid

Need quick access to your CDs? The Citronic Aluminium CD Case has a detachable lid, making it easy to retrieve and replace your CDs without any hassle. No more fumbling with zippers or struggling to open a tightly sealed case.

Secure and Lockable

Your CD collection is valuable, and it deserves the utmost security. The Citronic Aluminium CD Case comes with a lockable lid and two keys, ensuring that only you have access to your CDs. Rest easy knowing that your collection is safe from theft or unauthorized access.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many CDs can this case hold?

The Citronic Aluminium CD Case can hold up to 40 CDs, providing ample storage space for your favorite albums, mixes, or compilations.

2. Is this case suitable for other types of media?

While designed specifically for CDs, this case can also accommodate DVDs, Blu-rays, or any other discs of similar size.

3. Can I stack multiple cases on top of each other?

Yes, the Citronic Aluminium CD Case is stackable, allowing you to easily expand your storage capacity without sacrificing space.


The Citronic Aluminium CD Case is the perfect solution for anyone looking to protect and organize their CD collection. With its sturdy construction, internal padding, detachable lid, and lockable design, this case offers both style and security. Say goodbye to damaged CDs and hello to a sleek and reliable storage solution.